The Legacy Challenge

The UF College of Medicine is recruiting you and other alumni and friends to join our team. As medical school expenses in this country continue to rise at a rapid pace, your commitment to our students will leave a lasting legacy for future generations. Your gift supporting scholarships helps the best students obtain the world-class education they need and deserve.

Establish an endowed scholarship

Create a new named scholarship with a gift of $100,000 or more, one of the most meaningful and enduring ways to support the UF College of Medicine. Endowed scholarships can be either need- or merit-based and are critical to the College of Medicine because they generate predictable (4 percent annually), growing streams of income in perpetuity.

Sponsor a medical student

Sponsor a medical student with a gift of $20,000, payable over four years, to provide $5,000 annually to recruit the most competitive medical students.

Plan for your future & help students

Include the College of Medicine in your estate plans or consider a planned gift. We can work with you, your family, and your advisers to help you create a plan that meets both your financial and charitable goals.


Their Future, Your Legacy

Contact Us

Please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs at with any questions. Download a fact sheet about the need for scholarships and the Legacy Challenge.

See how others are shaping medical education at UF!

    Legacy Challenge Recruits

    The Class of 1960
    In memory of Dr. Joseph A. Walton Jr., '60 courtesy of his family
    Dr. Jean Bennett ’60
    Dr. Angelo and Mrs. Alberta Anaclerio ’62
    Dr. Harvey and Mrs. Donna Thalblum ’65
    Dr. Randall Hobgood ’70
    Dr. Jo-Anne Stenger ’74
    Drs. Barbara and Dennis Williams ’75
    Dr. Livingston L. Eaddy ’75
    Dr. John and Mrs. Melissa Hendrickson ’75
    In memory of J. Stephen Waters, '75, by his wife Shelley Waters and Family
    Dr. Donna and Mr. Allen Baytop ’76
    Dr. Peter Katona ’77
    Dr. Maude Lofton '79
    Dr. Charles and Mrs. Debrah Barish ’80
    Dr. William H. Cooper IV ’81
    Dr. Robert Cooper ’81
    Dr. Katherine J. Pierce ’82
    Dr. James O’Mailia ’82
    Dr. E. William Akins III ’83
    Dr. Carlos and Mrs. Sandra Donayre ’83
    Dr. Mark and Mrs. Lyn Michels ’85
    Dr. Jim and Mrs. Pam Duke ’85
    Dr. Rhodes Kriete ’88
    Dr. Herbert Knauf III ’92
    Dr. Noel and Mrs. Erica Maun ’92
    Dr. Jason and Mrs. Denise Rosenberg ’95
    Dr. G. Nicholas Verne, HS ’95
    Dr. Fred and Mrs. Loan Huang ’96
    Drs. Brian and Kavitha Taschner ’98
    Dr. Francis and Mrs. Kelly Herrbold ’98
    Dr. Stephanie Hollis and Mr. Brian Bosley ’00
    Drs. Shireen and Steven Sims ’01
    Dr. Wayne Cheng ’02
    Dr. Peter W. Orobello Scholarship established by family and friends
    Dr. Henry and Mrs. Susan Baker