HOST: Help Our Students Travel


The HOST program taps into our wonderful alumni support network by matching students with alumni volunteers who provide them with a free place to stay during interview trips as well as invaluable advice about residency training and the prospective medical center and community in which they are interviewing.

We encourage both alumni and current students of the UF College of Medicine to take advantage of this program! Let us know how we can best serve you.

How does it work?

When a fourth-year medical student makes a request for an alumnus HOST volunteer, the Medical Alumni Affairs (MAA) office tries to match by three major indicators: location and proximity to the medical center; specialty; and, any other details the student requests (i.e. gender, animal allergies, etc.). Once there are students looking to interview in your area, we will provide them with your contact information so they can make further arrangements with you.

For more information about HOST, please contact Alumni Affairs at

Are you a student?

If you would like to participate in our program as a student of the UF College of Medicine, please fill out the Student Response Form. To read about student experiences with HOST click here.

Are you an alumnus?

For a fun and easy way to connect with current medical students, sign up here.

Opening doors with HOST

Learn how students and alumni have benefited from the College of Medicine’s HOST Program.

I had an amazing experience utilizing the HOST alumni program during my trip to Columbus, Ohio. It was great to be a part of the program because I used it as a talking point in my interview. Whenever my interviewer asked how I was liking the city, I could reply that I already was getting acquainted to the city due to my host. I would completely recommend that all my classmates utilize this program for their future interviews! — Ansuya Deosaran, MS4

We absolutely loved the chance to give back to UF COM by hosting several students. They were all lovely and we were thrilled to talk with them about what life is like as a medical student these days and hear that some of our favorite teachers and activities are still part of what makes UF great. We thought back to those nervous feelings on the interview trail and hope that we were able to reassure the students that UF COM has prepared them well for residency. — Sarah Knight, M.D. ’08



When Marielle Gross entered the guest bedroom of a New York duplex, her home away from home during two days of residency interviews, she found cupcakes and a comfortable space to “de-stress.” Gross stayed with Andreea Nemes, M.D. ’09, in October 2013 through the UF College of Medicine’s HOST program. Read more.




It was a typical December morning in the Rocky Mountains: windchill below zero. Jaimie Johnson, a fourth-year medical student at the UF College of Medicine in 2009, had an interview at a downtown hospital for a residency slot. So she wouldn’t have to brave the cold and wind at the bus stop, her “host” for the two-day interview trip, UF medical alum Jason Shofnos, M.D. ’01, drove her to her interview. Read more.