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Annalese Williams

Focused on the future

Published: Jul 17th, 2018

Third-year medical student Annalese Williams works to achieve health equity at local, global levels with help from scholarship.

Ilya Sakharuk white coat

A new perspective on medicine

Published: Jan 24th, 2018

Belarus-born medical student Ilya Sakharuk pursues his passion through scholarship.

When medicine chooses you

Published: Dec 11th, 2017

Fourth-year medical student Meriem Mokhtech realizes her dreams with help from Goodman and Waters scholarships.

Devoted to serving others

Published: Jun 22nd, 2017

Paul Campbell draws on experiences as U.S. Marine Corps member and EMT to succeed in medical school.

From experience comes confidence

Published: Apr 18th, 2017

First-year University of Florida College of Medicine student Michael Jones embarks on a journey to realize his upmost potential.

Michelle Zeidan and Jean Smith

Gaining perspective through support of others

Published: Mar 15th, 2017

Fourth-year UF College of Medicine student Michelle Zeidan learns success is not a solo pursuit.

Staying involved, staying busy

Published: Feb 14th, 2017

Fourth-year student Hunter Pattison gains knowledge and experience through participation.

Extracting passion from circumstance

Published: Dec 6th, 2016

First-generation college student Xavier Williams pursues dual degree.

Try, try again: A story of second chances

Published: Nov 17th, 2016

First-year student Chris Henson begins his journey at the UF College of Medicine.

Ansley Schulte in classroom

From education comes understanding

Published: Oct 21st, 2016

Third-year medical student Ansley Schulte is committed to increasing equality and education for health care in the LGBTQ community.